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Hi there!

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Xenaki Design Studio is a Branding and graphic design studio focusing on the intersectional power of design and marketing.  As visual storytellers, we transform your exceptional ideas into a unique visual language. After all, what’s a good idea, if not  executed and designed well. 

A pinch of boldness and buckets of authenticity to help
your Brand walk into the world with confidence.  We believe
that great work is born from great communication. Our speciality
lies in  visualising your thoughts and communicating them to
your audience effortlessly.
With no gaps left for doubts and
second guessing.

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The brain behind the BOLD!

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Xenaski Design Studio is headed by Sakshi Bajaj, a professional creative designer with over 7 years of experience with multiple stakeholders both in India and Singapore. Having graduated from Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore, Sakshi decided to establish Xenaski in 2020. She believes in helping business owners build a Brand that is as authentic as they are.


As creative director at Xenaski, Sakshi combines
her strategic thinking with dreamy creativity to
support Brands of all sizes in living their dream.
While her approachability makes it easy for clients
to communicate their ideas freely, her resilience
helps Xenaski manage timelines well. Outside her
work zone, you can find Sakshi unleash her wild
side through dancing, doodling and finding
inspiration in the little things in life. 

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Our Process

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Why Choose Us?

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We believe your brand is unique so We create a one-of-a-kind experience tailored as per your company's  requirements.


We are highly approachable and easy to communicate with.


Our founder is actively involved in all projects, ensuring that every little aspect is taken care of.


We are a team of creative individuals, trained across various disciplines, here to provide you a dream team that suits your pocket

Let's take your Brand to the Next Level!