Photo Phactory

Photo Phactory reimagines the rich heritage of Singapore and transforms it into lifestyle products that act as a perfect souvenir for family and friends.


Each collection takes inspiration from Singapore’s tradition and colourful landscapes and is designed to give it a modern twist


The Chinoiserie Collection

A Western aesthetic inspired by Eastern design.
Characterised by asymmetrical forms, motifs commonly found on
Chinese porcelain, Chinese patterns and figures, and extravagant
Singapore scenery.


The Meraki Collection

This collection takes inspiration from the traditional culture of
Singapore and adds a modern twist to it. A combination of
traditional Peranakan tiles photographs and graphics provide a
beautiful blend between ancient culture and modern living.

_DSC3073 copy.jpg

Singapore Heritage collection

A capsule collection launched in honour of Singapore’s 56th birthday, it took inspiration from the famous National Architectural Buildings of Singapore.

What they say about us

As a start up it’s hard to find graphic designers and social media consultants, finding Sakshi from Xenaski was a breath of fresh air.
We have always looked at Xenaski as a partner. I provide the words and leave it to them to translate that into an effective visual message. 

Sakshi is friendly, personable, and always available to help. We were impressed by how quickly Sakshi understood our brief, and responded to feedback so promptly and accurately. We also really appreciated being presented with options at every step of the way, which gave us an opportunity to work collaboratively and generate some new ideas that we hadn’t considered ourselves.

The service was delivered in a professional manner with a commitment to deadlines and a focus on customer expectation. We look forward to working with them again in the future.